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What's 'WiFi on the Go?'

Wallace State Future Foundation

The Wallace State Community College Future Foundation is grateful for your contribution. The Wallace State Future Foundation serves as the philanthropic entity for the college and your donation will support programs and scholarships for the benefit of current and future students at Wallace State Community College. Wallace State believes assisting our community with access to education is the key to a better life for each of us and for our region as a whole.

The 'WiFi on the Go' Program

The Wallace State Community College 'WiFi on the Go' Program is open to current students, staff and faculty members, and provides participants with unlimited nationwide wireless internet (serviced by T-Mobile's 4G LTE Network) and a FREE wireless broadband HotSpot device. The WiFi HotSpot is fast, battery powered and completely portable. It's also powerful enough to support up to 15 users at one time. Use it at home, in the car, on vacation, at the ballpark, or anywhere else that T-Mobile's service is available. There are no data limits, no extra charges and no contract.

So, how do you get it? Fill out the form to the left, donate $50.00 to the Future Foundation through this site and a WiFi HotSpot device will be shipped directly to you - activated and ready for use. The WiFi HotSpot device will remain active as long as you continue to donate $50.00 per month (through recurring donations) as part of the program.

Powered by T-Mobile for Education

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Participation in the 'WiFi on the Go' program requires recurring donations via PayPal.

Approximately $20.00 of each contribution to the WiFi on the Go Program may be deductible for purposes of calculating Federal and State income taxes.  For eligible tax filers, the annualized deduction is $240.00.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, donors are encouraged to consult with a tax professional for applicable tax rules regarding deductibility. The Foundation does not accept responsibility for erroneous or otherwise improper application of charitable donations in personal or corporate tax filings.

Wallace State Future Foundation Quick Facts


  • Wallace State offers scholarships for students in all program areas including academic, athletic, health and technical

  • Wallace State offers scholarships for Dual Enrollment students from area high schools

  • Wallace State supports projects that support the arts, community outreach and faculty professional development


  • Number of Named and Program Funds: 88

  • Number of Named and Endowed Scholarship Funds: 52

  • Total scholarship dollars awarded since 2008-2018: $1.3 million

  • Assets as of May 1, 2018: $3,949,124

  • Total scholarship amount awarded 2017-2018: $193,312

  • Total number of students awarded 2008-2018: 1,989


For more information on the WiFi on the Go Program, click here.

WiFi on the Go


  • What is the WiFi on the Go program?

    • The WiFi on the Go program is provides select stakeholders of the school/District with free unlimited nationwide wireless internet (serviced by T-Mobile's 4G LTE Network) and a wireless broadband HotSpot device.

  • Who is eligible to participate?

    • The WiFi on the Go program is available to select stakeholders of participating schools/Districts.

  • What do I do if the system doesn't recognize my ID number?

    • There may be an error with the number that we have on file. Please contact us at info@leanstreamrp.com to receive assistance from one of our support team members.

  • How do I update or cancel my WiFi on the Go Participation?

    1. Login to your PayPal account at www.paypal.com
    2. Click the gear icon next to the 'Log Out' text in the top right corner of the page
    3. Click the 'Payments' tab
    4. Click the 'Manage pre-approved payments' button
    5. Select the merchant whose agreement you want to cancel
    6. Click the 'Cancel' option next to 'Status'
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