Pencils and Paper for What?
Pencils and Paper for What? (Leinkauf Elementary School)

I teach 2nd grade at Leinkauf Elementary School. My students need Boogie Boards to cut down on excessive pencil and paper for notes and dry erase boards and markers not lasting throughout the year. Boogie boards are the next big thing to becoming a 21st-century classroom. We run short on pencil and paper before the Christmas holiday and asking parents to send in more supplies is not always the easiest thing to do. When teaching I often stop and check for understanding. I'll ask a question and students will respond using whiteboards. Well, whiteboards don't last long. The markers dry out and often times the dry erase markers don't wipe off as well. Leaving ink stains all over the whiteboards. These Boogie Boards will be a great investment and will serve a meaning purpose in my classroom.

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