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for Schools

LeanStream connects the entire
education family by providing online fundraising, e-commerce, fees management and donor engagement solutions – all in one place.

Unified Fundraising | E-Commerce
for the entire education family

Designed with You in Mind...

Superintendents/School Systems

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Athletics, Clubs and Boosters

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A complete resource, powerful & intuitive

leanstream fundraising + e-commerce platform

Fund projects large and small with our
Needs Gallery

Collect fees and
dues with our
web-based fee collection solution

Encourage giving
from local

Provide internet access and raise money at the same time with WiFi on the Go

Sell anything, anywhere through our digital Marketplace

Fully customize
your fundraising
and e-commerce

Avoid lines and cash handling with our
online ticket sales

Oversee financial
activities through
your online

Beyond innovative software

LeanStream provides unified fundraising, e-commerce and fee management for education.  The platform is simple, secure and geared to enhance supplemental resources for schools. 

At LeanStream Resource Partners, we believe education is the keystone of strong communities, prosperous economies, and impactful individuals.

leanstream Insights

Looking to maximize your school’s fundraising potential? Online fundraising could be the answer you’re looking for. Check out our list of top ideas to to fundraiser smarter, not harder.

Online fundraising has grown tremendously with almost 13% of all fundraising campaigns being completely online. Online giving has increased over 20% in the past three years.

There are many steps to cultivating donor relationships that turn into recurring giving. The first step is to identify those most likely to give to your cause.

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