Lean Stream

New playground?
Yes, please!

PTOs and PTAs are supported through your school or school system’s LeanStream platform.  LeanStream provides multiple features to help raise money in a way that just makes sense.

One-stop fundraising + e-commerce

for parent / teacher organizations

Free with your school or system’s LeanStream subscription

Collect and manage your organization’s fees

Freedom to fundraise your way through Crowdfunding, Item Sales, and More

Sell just about anything through your online pop-up stores ... with quick and simple setup

Accept large donations and pledges without credit card fees

Want LeanStream

For your organization?

LeanStream subscriptions are available to schools, school systems, independent foundations and other educational institutions. If you are interested in leveraging the Leanstream platform for your PTA/PTO (or other supporting organization), refer LeanStream to your school leadership today!

Insights for PTAs/PTOs

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