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Our powerful fundraising software is a full suite

of tools for all your education fundraising needs.

Needs Gallery

Centralized crowdfunding to promote school, classroom and organization needs and district strategic initiatives. LeanStream is designed to maintain control, transparency and visibility over fundraising campaigns. With the Needs Gallery, you can engage local businesses to offer corporate matching contributions. Enable ‘offline’ giving by allowing you to accept pledges. You can even allow donors to setup automatic recurring donations.

Rapid Raise

Raise funds in a snap with Rapid Raise! Let us help you promote and manage your fundraising campaign. We can provide marketing, leaderboards, incentives, training, and support for your campaigns between $15,000 and $25,000. A $500 fixed fee is all you need to get started. Pay nothing unless you meet or exceed your goal. Keep 100% of the money you raise if your goal is not met. When your goal is met, we keep only a small fraction (8%) of the funds raised.

Kid Raising Money

Teacher Honorarium

The honorarium is a legacy donation fund that allows
families to place a donation in the name of or in honor of a teacher, principal, or any school staff member at a school in the designated district. This feature allows donors to leave comments to show their appreciation. Pledges and company donations are accepted in
addition to standard donations with a credit or debit card.


Companies can get in on the action with the Company Giving function.  There are two ways to give – through a “matching” feature allowing companies to supercharge individual donations with a “match” in an equal amount or through a straight up donation.  Companies will have their logos (with embedded link) displayed when they give, providing for visibility and acknowledgment of the support. Giving can be electronic or, with the pledge feature, by a check so as to avoid processing fees.


Maintain real-time visibility and control over ongoing and
historical fundraising initiatives. Our administrative dashboard offers teachers, principals and administrators quick and easy reports. Progress tracking and detailed transaction and donor reporting are at the tips of your fingers.


LeanStream is the ONLY PowerSchool Partner to offer an integrated fundraising, e-commerce, and fee collection platform. Our integration with the PowerSchool Student Information System allows for an efficient pathway for teachers, coaches, PTA members, and administrative staff to manage important fundraising initiatives digitally.

LeanStream E-Commerce

In addition to all the fundraising tools you need, included with your subscription are valuable, time-saving, money-saving e-commerce tools to power all your payment transactions. From collecting fees, to selling tickets and merchandise, we’ve got your covered. 

LeanStream Pricing

Your LeanStream subscription comes with a full suite of fundraising and
education commerce tools with simplified pricing, so there’s no surprises.