Lean Stream

Team needs new jerseys ...
No problem!

Athletics, boosters, and clubs can use their school’s LeanStream platform to raise money and support their cause.

One-stop fundraising + e-commerce

(and fee collection) for athletics, clubs & boosters

Free with your school or system’s LeanStream subscription.

Raise money in a snap while we manage and market the campaign for you.

Sell tickets, season passes, and ticket 'bundles' for any event.

Accept large donations and pledges without credit card fees.

Promote automatic recurring donations to provide ongoing support for your programs.

Provide instant recognition
for business sponsors and donors.

Want LeanStream

FOR your Teams & boosters?

Leanstream subscriptions are available to schools, school systems, independent foundations and other educational institutions.  If you are interested in leveraging the LeanStream platform for your teams, clubs or other support organization, refer LeanStream to your school leadership today! 

Insights for Coaches and clubs

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