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Collect school fees with a click with our simple to use and easy to administer platform.  It is designed to collect district level, school level and even classroom level fees – from tuition to activity fees to lab fees and more.  It is easy for parents to use with the ability to search by fee, teacher or activity.  An intuitive “shopping cart” makes it easy for parents to add fees and check out at one time, using a credit or debit card.  At-a-glance reporting makes accounting for all those fees easy and in real time.  And loading fees could not be easier with the ability to add one at a time or import a whole list.    

Event Tickets

Go paperless when it comes to events with our online event ticket solution.  Uploading events is easy and building bundles or season ticket packages only takes a few clicks.  An intuitive search function makes it convenient to find and purchase tickets.  Transferring tickets between users is fast and secure.  We give you flexibility for redeeming tickets, either using a timed entry feature or by using barcodes. Reports make accounting and tracking ticket purchasers a breeze.  Designed for all events from school plays to band competitions to sports activities.


The comprehensive online marketplace is designed for
the entire education family. You can sell any item with
support for unlimited sizes, colors, and types. LeanStream allows for multiple marketplaces to cover any group’s need. It is safe and simple to post and safe and simple to buy. This feature is perfect for engaging schools, coaches, clubs, PTOs/PTAs and boosters.

Promotional Item Sales

What better way to encourage support for your school or program than to offer promotional products that can also serve as a fundraiser? Our platform allows you to use your preferred promotional products vendor. Having everything in one place makes it easy for supporters to buy items, donate to causes, purchase tickets, pay fees, and more all from one easy-to-use custom site.

Promotional Product Shop from LeanStream


Maintain real-time visibility and control over ongoing and
historical fundraising initiatives. Our administrative dashboard offers teachers, principals and administrators quick and easy reports. Progress tracking and detailed transaction and donor reporting are at the tips of your fingers.

LeanStream Fundraising

In addition to these e-commerce tools, you’ll receive our full suite of online fundraising tools that will allow you to manage your school’s fundraisers for clubs, athletics, teachers, coaches, PTA/PTOs, sponsorships, and so much more.

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Your LeanStream subscription comes with a full suite of 
fundraising and education commerce tools.

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