Lean Stream

Are you ready to
ditch the cookie dough?

LeanStream’s comprehensive fundraising platform empowers teachers, coaches, clubs, and school organizations to get creative and choose fundraisers that just make sense.

One-stop fundraising + e-commerce

(and fee collection) for schools

One subscription supports your school and ALL your teachers, athletics, clubs, boosters, PTA/PTO, and other related organizations.

Centralized reporting allows for oversight and control over fundraising and fee collection. See what’s going on in your school at any time.

Other fundraising sites make you wait on the funds. With LeanStream, you can access your funds on-demand.

The LeanStream Pledge

LeanStream charges no platform transaction fees for charitable donations ... ever! *

Donation platformFees
LeanStream Needs Gallery0%
Other Donation PlatformsUp to 35%


* Third-party payment processing fees (2.9% + $.30) apply to all credit card transactions.

Give Back Rebates

Schools receive monthly rebates equal to 20% of all E-Commerce Platform Transaction Fees. At LeanStream, our Fees are your Fundraiser.

LeanStream in Action

Insights for Principals

Not all fundraisers are created equal. In this post, we will focus on the most common, popular, and lucrative school fundraisers of all time. Let’s get started!

These ideas give you easy, creative and fun ideas to take your school’s fundraising game to the next level.

Evaluating your school fundraising campaigns is essential for improvement and more successful campaigns.