Lean Stream

LeanStream provides unparalleled convenience and administrative safeguards.  By centralizing fundraising and e-commerce activities, district administration is assured that funds raised and collected are properly administered and accounted for.  And ‘digitizing’ fundraising efforts reduces the dependence on ‘door-to-door’ selling – which protects our students.

The unification of online fundraising, event ticketing, marketplace activities, and school fee transactions into one platform is a tremendous value.

Dr. John Barge Superintendent (Ret.) Georgia State Department of Education

One-stop fundraising + e-commerce

(and fee management) for school districts

One subscription
supports all schools, teachers, athletics, clubs, boosters, PTA/PTOs, and other supporting organizations in your district.

Centralized reporting allows for oversight and control over fundraising and fee collection. See what’s going on in your district at any time.

With LeanStream, access your funds, for your students and teachers, timely and on-demand.  No extended hold periods or check float.

Our PowerSchool
integration is easy to set up and keeps information synchronized.

Developed By K12 for K12

LeanStream is designed to support
your school system, its teachers, and its students

Donation platform




Member hub

1.3% + $0.20

Snap! Raise

28-35% Per Event


2 - 4.5%







LeanStream Pricing

Your subscription to LeanStream includes a full suite of fundraising
and education commerce tools for the entire school district.

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