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10 Sports Themed Fundraisers For Fall And Winter Sports
Discover innovative fall and winter sports-themed fundraising ideas for school sports teams on our blog, designed to boost community engagement and support athletic initiatives
How to Properly Evaluate Your School Fundraising Campaign
After a school fundraising campaign, ask yourself questions like, "Did it work well?", “Did it achieve its primary objective?", and "Why it did or didn't work out the way you intended?".
How Do I Sell Discount Cards as a Fundraiser?
If you’re looking for a creative and easy way to fundraise, selling discount cards may be the perfect solution for you! These cards offer great value to customers, and they’re a fun and easy way to support your favorite cause. But how do you go about selling them? Read on for tips to get started. […]
What Can I Sell to Raise Money for My School?
Raising money for a school is tough. Deciding what to sell that will excite people enough for them to buy is even tougher. Here are some ideas for things you can sell, and maybe get a little inspiration for your own ideas.
How Do You Pitch a Donor for A School Fundraiser?
Mastering the art of pitching is crucial for successful school fundraising. Learn how to craft a compelling pitch that resonates with potential donors, appeals to their interests, and creates a lasting partnership, increasing your chances of securing donations for your school's mission.
10 Best TED Talks on Fundraising
Discover 10 inspiring TED talks on fundraising that offer new perspectives, practical techniques, and motivation for organizing successful school fundraisers, refining relationships with donors, and impacting students' lives.
Simple Things for Students to Make and Sell for School Fundraising
Having students make things to sell for school fundraising is a great way to help them grow into good community members while instilling a sense of responsibility and compassion for doing something for the greater good. You will be inspiring a generation to be generous and empathetic.
How Do I Start a School Fundraiser?
If you want to help your school kick off a fundraising drive and don't have a clue, you must have asked yourself, 'how do I start a fundraiser?’ In this blog post, we will provide you with the necessary information you need to tackle your school fundraiser as a first-timer.
How Can I Fundraise Over the Summer or Back to School?
Summertime means most donors are focusing on their vacations, meaning your school needs to come up with creative ways to fundraise at this time of the year. We have put together a list of summer fundraiser ideas to show your community how to mix fun with making a difference.
Why School Fundraising Doesn’t Take the Summer Off
Discover why summer is an opportune time for school fundraising, providing a chance to reflect on achievements, organize tasks, make necessary changes, strengthen relationships, plan ahead, and keep donors engaged. Learn how LeanStream offers fundraising solutions to support year-round efforts.
How Do You Increase Alumni Giving Participation?
Statistics indicate that alumni giving has sharply declined for over two-thirds of universities and colleges. With this [worrying] information in mind, how do you increase alumni giving participation? Read on as we give you ideas on how to increase alumni donations to your school.
How Do I Acknowledge a Donor Online?
Ideas for acknowledging donors online through social media, school websites, and personalized emails, emphasizing the importance of timely gratitude, authenticity, and highlighting the impact of donations.
What Are Some Other Innovative Ways to Provide Funding for Schools?
Discover creative approaches to secure school funding beyond the conventional bake sales and car washes in this blog post. Uncover unconventional strategies to support education, from corporate sponsorships to grant opportunities, revolutionizing the way schools finance their programs.
How to make headlines with your school fundraisers
It is no secret that fundraisers are a fantastic way of raising revenue for schools. It is also an opportunity for students to get involved, learn about teamwork, and reconnect with alumni. As a bonus, fundraisers boost the school spirit in the process. Perhaps more importantly, the funds raised from such drives are a significant […]
What is the best way to collect donations online?
We all appreciate things that make life easier for us, and technology has done exactly that. Allowing donors to contribute online makes it easy and convenient for them- whether they live within your school's locality or overseas.
How Much Fundraising Is Done Online?
Explore the transformative power of online fundraising for schools in our latest blog post. Discover why digital strategies are reshaping traditional fundraising methods, offering schools new avenues to maximize support and resources.
Creative Ways to Thank Donors
Most donors receive their thank you's in an email or a generic letter once their gift is received. However, you can get creative in your appreciation and make the donors feel special for their contributions.
How Do Alumni Associations Raise Money?
Discover a diverse array of fundraising opportunities for alumni associations in our comprehensive blog post. Explore a variety of creative and effective fundraising ideas to help your alumni association raise the funds it needs.
What Are The Three Most Important Elements Of A Fundraising Appeal?
Discover the key elements that make a fundraising appeal effective in attracting donor support for your school. Learn how to create a donor-centric narrative, emphasize the impact of past donations, and generate a sense of urgency to inspire contributions that fuel your school's mission.
How Can I Maximize My Fundraising Efforts?
It's difficult to convince people to donate to your cause, meanwhile fundraising is an essential way to help you deliver your mission as a school. Check out these ideas to help maximize your fundraising efforts.
Celebrate National Education Employee Appreciation Days with an Honorarium – it’s a Win-Win!
Discover National Education Appreciation and Recognition Days and learn how to transform them into innovative school fundraising opportunities.
How Do You Motivate and Retain Donors?
Discover effective strategies to inspire and retain donors for school fundraising, ensuring long-term support for your educational initiatives.
How Do I Choose a Fundraising Platform?
In this era of technology, there are plenty of choices when selecting a digital fundraising platform. Picking the right one is one of the most critical decisions your school can make.
What Schools and Donors Need To Know About Online Giving
Diving into Online Giving: A Must-Read for Schools and Donors. Discover the key tips and considerations that schools and supporters should know to make the most of online donation opportunities.
How do I find corporate donors for my school fundraiser?
Discover effective strategies and tips for engaging corporate donors and securing sponsorships to support school fundraising programs.
What are donors looking for in a school fundraiser?
Discover the key elements that catch donors' attention in fundraisers, exploring 11 critical factors donors consider before contributing. Uncover the secrets to crafting compelling campaigns that resonate and attract support in this blog post.
How do you politely ask for donations for school fundraisers?
Using polite words and gestures when asking for donations for your school fundraisers is essential to helping you gain the trust of your donors. Always be polite and courteous in your messaging and communication before, during, and after the fundraiser.
10 Tips for Getting School Sponsors
Whether you are a teacher, principal, school administrator, PTA/PTO member, or school club leader, the first thing that comes to mind when you think of school projects and events is how to fund them. The good news is there are plenty of companies and businesses that are willing to sponsor your school.
How Do You Ask a Company to Sponsor Your School or Program?
Learn how to effectively approach and secure sponsorship for your school or school program with our comprehensive guide. Discover the best strategies, tips, and best practices to make your sponsorship requests a success.
How Do I Get in Touch with Companies to Sponsor?
Learn the art of securing sponsorships for your school's programs and events in our latest blog post. Discover the best strategies and tips to effectively reach out to companies and secure funding for your fundraising needs.
Do Companies Sponsor Schools?
It is not unusual for schools to face uncertainty when it comes to budgeting. Under the circumstances, schools and companies alike seek out sponsorships that are mutually beneficial. In this post, we’ll explore the different types of corporate sponsorships, how they function, and how they can help schools. Additionally, we’ll talk about what principles you should follow to make these partnerships successful.
Need to Raise Money for Your School Event? Here’s How!
Discover effective strategies and tips for raising money for your school event in this informative blog post. Explore a variety of fundraising ideas, event planning considerations, and promotional tactics to help you successfully raise funds and ensure the success of your school event.
How Can I Raise Money for My Team?
Discover effective strategies for raising money for your team in this informative blog post. Explore various fundraising ideas, events, and initiatives specifically tailored for sports teams, clubs, or other group activities, empowering you to generate funds to support your team's needs, equipment, travel expenses, and more.
How Can I Raise Money for School Events?
Discover effective strategies for raising money for school events in this insightful blog post. Explore various fundraising ideas, tactics, and initiatives that can help you generate funds to support and enhance school events, ensuring their success and providing memorable experiences for students and the school community.
How Do I Propose a School Fundraiser?
Learn how to effectively propose a school fundraiser in this informative blog post. Discover step-by-step guidance on presenting your fundraising idea, gaining support from stakeholders, and navigating the process to successfully implement a fundraising campaign for your school.
How Do School Clubs Raise Money?
Discover effective strategies for school clubs to raise money in this informative blog post. Explore a variety of fundraising ideas and tactics specifically tailored for school clubs, empowering them to fund their activities, events, and initiatives successfully.
What are the Most Profitable Fundraisers?
Discover the most profitable school fundraisers in this insightful blog post. Explore a range of high-impact fundraising ideas and initiatives that have proven to generate significant profits for schools, helping them meet their financial goals and support important programs and activities.
What Are Good Fundraisers for Sports Teams?
Discover a range of effective fundraising ideas specifically tailored for sports teams in this insightful blog post. Explore various fundraising initiatives, events, and strategies that can help sports teams raise funds to support their activities, equipment, travel expenses, and more.
What School Fundraisers Make the Most Money?
Uncover the top school fundraisers that have the potential to generate the most money in this informative blog post. Explore effective fundraising ideas, strategies, and events that can help schools maximize their fundraising efforts and achieve substantial financial results.
The Best Way to Sell School Tickets Online: Tactics That Work
Discover effective tactics for selling school tickets online in this informative blog post. Learn the best strategies and tools to optimize your ticket sales process, attract attendees, and maximize revenue for your school events.
Crowdfunding for Schools 101
Discover the basics of crowdfunding for schools in this comprehensive blog post. Learn how to harness the power of online crowdfunding platforms to raise funds for various school projects, initiatives, and needs, while engaging with the community and expanding your reach.
Innovative Approaches to Education Fundraising: Event Tickets
Discover innovative approaches to education fundraising with quick tips on using event tickets effectively in this blog post. Learn how to leverage event ticket sales to generate revenue, engage supporters, and create memorable fundraising experiences for your educational institution.
Advantages of an Online School Fees Payment Portal
Discover the numerous advantages of implementing an online school fees payment portal in this insightful blog post. Explore how an online payment system streamlines fee collection, enhances convenience for parents, improves financial management for schools, and creates a more efficient and secure payment process.
Comparing Online vs. Offline Fundraising
Gain insights into the key differences between online and offline fundraising in this informative blog post. Explore the advantages and considerations of each approach to help you make informed decisions and optimize your fundraising efforts for maximum impact.
Fun Run Guide Pt. 2: How To Make It Successful
Unlock the potential of digitized school fundraising with this comprehensive Fun Run Guide. In Part 2, explore more strategies and tools to take your school's Fun Run event online, maximize participation, and raise more funds through the power of digital platforms.
Fun Run Guide Pt. 1: Digitize Your School Fundraising & Raise More
Unlock the potential of digitized school fundraising with this comprehensive Fun Run Guide. In Part 1, explore strategies and tools to take your school's Fun Run event online, maximize participation, and raise more funds through the power of digital platforms.
Unique Holiday Fundraisers for School
Get into the holiday spirit with these unique and festive fundraising ideas for schools. This blog post offers creative suggestions to make your holiday fundraisers stand out, from themed events to personalized gift sales, helping your school raise funds while spreading cheer during the holiday season.
Seasonal School Fundraising
Discover the power of seasonal fundraising initiatives in this blog post, offering creative ideas to capitalize on the spirit of different seasons throughout the year. From holiday-themed events to seasonal product sales, learn how to leverage the unique opportunities each season brings to boost your school's fundraising efforts.
Ultimate List of Fundraising Ideas for Teens
Discover the ultimate list of fundraising ideas specifically tailored for teenagers in 2021. From creative virtual events to socially-conscious initiatives, this blog post provides a comprehensive guide to help teens raise funds for their causes while having fun and making a positive impact.
Easy Money-Saver Fundraising Ideas
This means that as a teacher, the pressure is on you to raise the funds that your classroom/school badly needs. That’s why we have put together a list of easy money-saving fundraising ideas that you can use to ease the pressure.
Can My School District Use Online Fundraising Sites?
If you are a school or system leader looking to know more about online fundraising and whether your school district can use online fundraising sites, you are in the right place. Below is everything you need to know about online crowdfunding.
What Can A School Fundraising Consultant Do For You?
Fundraising is a necessary function for the success of many schools and programs; however, finding the best fundraiser to fit the needs and achieve the goals can be a nightmare. Engaging the services of a fundraising consultant may give you some peace of mind when it comes to deciding on a campaign and how to conduct it.
A Parent’s Guide to Navigating School Fundraisers
There are specific difficulties and challenges you face as a parent/PTA/PTO when you organize fundraising activities. If you want to excel in navigating school fundraisers, then you are at the right place.
7 Preschool Fundraising Ideas
There are a number of fundraisers that are suitable to use with preschoolers. These activities are designed to prepare them for future success with marketable skills.
What does a fundraising committee do?
Establishing a fundraising committee can help your school system achieve its financial goals through proper planning & execution. The committee can help run a successful campaign smoothly and efficiently.
8 School Contests & Fundraising Incentives to Maximize Success: Part 2
We have put together a total of 8 creative contests and incentives that as a school principal you can use to maximize fundraising success. To be mindful of a principal’s busy schedule, we’re dividing the list into two quick read posts.
What National companies donate money to schools?
Are you searching for the best companies that donate money to schools? We have you covered. There are different types of companies who are known to donate money and other resources to schools. Here’s a list of the best of the best.
8 School Contests & Fundraising Incentives to Maximize Success: Part 1
We have put together a total of 8 creative contests and incentives that as a school principal you can use to maximize fundraising success. To be mindful of a principal’s busy schedule, we’re dividing the list into two quick read posts.
Innovative Approaches to Education Fundraising: The Online Marketplace
Even fundraising events that aren’t solely sales focused usually have some type of sales component to them. Read on for a few common-sense tips to supercharge your sales fundraiser.
5 Ways to Get Parents Involved in School Fundraisers
As parents and members of PTAs/PTOs who are dedicated to supporting students and school needs, you can look for ways to boost parent involvement in school fundraisers. Here are five ways to help you get parents involved in school fundraisers.
5 ways PTAs/PTOs can fundraise safely in a Post-Pandemic World
As we slowly come back from pandemic-led isolation and we begin to get back to business, our communities will face old challenges with new twists. Take school fundraising for instance. As schools start back with in-person learning, those same old needs are going to arise. Your PTA/PTO will need to raise money.
What are some school fundraising ideas?
Parents participating in school fundraisers can contribute to the growth and development of schools and their learners. There are lots of school fundraising ideas for PTAs, PTOs, and even PTSAs
What are the most profitable school fundraisers?
As a school principal, sponsor, teacher, or coach, you want your schools and programs to organize the most profitable school fundraisers, which will result in more money to fund school projects.
How do we communicate our school fundraiser goal?
As PTAs/PTOs, we need to communicate our school fundraiser's goal in a certain way and use specific means to increase the possibility of getting support from donors, students, and non-profits.
10 Smart School Fundraising Ideas to Help You Raise Money Fast
As a school principal, you are the leader who sets the tone for most fundraising events. People look to you for guidance for school fundraising campaigns. Use smart school fundraising ideas to help you raise money fast.
Who and Where Are Your Donors?
Understanding who your donors are and where they come from is essential to developing effective fundraising strategies. By identifying the demographics and characteristics of your donors, you can tailor your approach to better engage and retain them.
Innovative Approaches to Education Fundraising: The Loyalty Campaign
Looking for a year-after-year sustainable fundraising initiative that pays huge dividends? How about a Loyalty Campaign? Yes, a Loyalty Campaign - a concept with many names – sustainable giving, annual campaign, monthly giving and the like.
Innovative Approaches to Education Fundraising: The Honorarium
Are you looking for new ideas to help raise money for your school? We've put a digital twist on a traditional school fundraiser that will make a great addition to your school's fundraising
Planning a Successful School Fundraiser: 3 Key Steps for Beginners
Ever wanted to know the best school fundraising ideas? What about how to put together a school fundraiser online? We have some proven strategies and ideas to get you started on your journey to a successful fundraiser.