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Collect School Fees Online

Every learner, parent, teacher, or school administrator knows the price of a good education. However, who says parents have to pay the price by waiting in long lines, traveling long distances, or taking time from their busy schedules to pay school fees for their children?

With the world moving towards total digitization, schools need to digitize their fees collection methods to make it easier and more convenient for parents to pay school fees. Online fee management platforms have helped school systems manage fee collection while making it easy for parents to pay fees, collect dues, and other extra school charges on time.

All that is required is a smartphone or, at the very least, access to an internet connection.

Read on as we discuss the advantages of an online school fees payment portal and LeanStream’s contribution towards helping schools and teachers enjoy the comfort of a smooth and secure paperless platform.

Introducing LeanStream's Fees Portal

Besides partnering with schools and school districts in their fundraising drives, we are committed to helping school systems easily collect fees. That’s exactly what the Fees Portal is about. This portal is simple, and school systems can easily collect fees, PTA dues, admission, field trip money, library fees, parking fees, exam fees, athletic spirit pack payments, you name it. The portal makes it easy for schools to create student profiles by adding details like demographic data, parents’ details, and contacts. This makes it easy to find the right fee for the right student.

Arguably the best part is the portal is set up in such a way that the payments go straight from the person paying to the school districts. LeanStream for the WIN! The portal also easily integrates with most school system financial software.

Advantages of an Online Fees Portal

Mobile optimized

We are all about making fees remittance a simple and fast process. Parents can easily use the different payment methods available with our portal, including credit cards, net banking, and debit card, among others. Parents (or students) can pay fees by using a computer or a smartphone, making the generation of receipts a hassle-free process.

Speaking of smartphones, most parents and students prefer using their mobile gadgets to make online payments. LeanStream’s Fees Portal is optimized for mobile access, giving students/parents a speedy, seamless, and most importantly, safe mobile user experience.

For school systems, it means your parents can use the fees portal to securely pay their dues from the comfort of their homes. They no longer have to rearrange their schedule to visit the school to pay.

Easy to use for parents and students

Having a convenient and easy-to-use portal is the best way to retain parents and students. With this in mind, LeanStream’s Fees Portal was created to offer the best possible user experience. Students and parents can check the fees due, view any changes to the number of fees, and even receive notifications via email or SMS. Beginning with the 2021 school year, they will also be able to pay fees in installments and receive an e-receipt/ instant notification. The notifications are also a great way of minimizing late payments. Parents receive a notification email with a link to the payment portal a few days before the payment is due.

As mentioned above, the payments are directly deposited to the school system, with the entire process seamless from login to finish.


One of the biggest advantages of an online school fees payment portal is its cost-effectiveness. For schools, it means saving the money that would otherwise have been used on paper, stationery, human resources, and infrastructure, among others. School staff is saved from the usually difficult traditional payment process, including dealing with frustrated parents or depositing money at bank counters.

Collecting fees in cash means lengthy lines that take up valuable time for teachers and administrators. Checks also come with their own set of challenges, including non-clearance because of insufficient funds. A digital payment platform, such as LeanStream, eliminates such challenges, which ultimately saves time and money.


This one is a no-brainer. Few things upset students and parents more than using a payment portal that doesn’t guarantee the security of their transactions. No one wants to risk losing their hard-earned dollars. LeanStream’s Fees Portal offers 100% security using the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol. Parents don’t have to worry as their transactions are encrypted. Students and parents are also given limited access based on the need to access certain data.

Works 24/7 Anywhere Across the Globe

Unlike the traditional fees payment methods that rely on strict working hours, a digital platform is flexible and available any time of the day. This means parents and students can pay their school fees whenever convenient for them, be it early in the morning or while relaxing on the couch after a long day at work. If this is not the epitome of convenience, we don’t know what is.

Online payment processing allows parents to pay school fees and other dues without the physical limitations of distance. As long as an internet network is available, they can pay school fees from their holiday in the faraway islands if they have a valid bank account compatible with the payment gateway. This is especially convenient for parents who are unable to visit the school during school hours, international parents, military parents, or those who travel a lot. Parents will no doubt appreciate the ease and speed at which they can pay school fees.


As you can see, an online payment platform comes with multiple benefits for both the parents/students and the school system. We invite any school looking to streamline their collection of school fees to try LeanStream’s Fees Portal.

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