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Crowdfunding for schools

We’re a team that came together for the sole purpose of creating a better way to support our schools, our students, and our families. Nothing gives us more pleasure than seeing the community coming together to support their local schools’ fundraisers.


We love nothing more than seeing teachers, parents, students, and other campaigners like YOU achieve your fundraising goals. You’ve been doing this through noble fundraisers to supplement your local school’s budgetary requirements. Your efforts go a long way towards improving playgrounds, building labs, and providing students with laptops. Raised funds also help provide student programs, extracurricular activities, and much more.

We at LeanStream help you run successful school fundraisers. Our online fundraising software offers your students, parents, and other stakeholders the convenience and availability of an on-demand fundraising site no matter what device they are using.

As you have probably already realized, crowdfunding is the present and future. We are here to help your community with a platform that gives you the control and accountability you need to raise funds successfully.

Enter LeanStream’s Needs Gallery!

Explaining the Needs Gallery

Before we delve deeper into crowdfunding, let’s explain our Needs Gallery and why it’s the Holy Grail for your school system, if you are looking to raise funds (which, of course, you are).

You see, we realize that school fundraisers are saddled with accountability issues and a lack of control. How do you ensure the money raised goes to its intended purpose? How do you ensure accountability to contributors, purchasers, donors, and government institutions?

Our Needs Gallery is a wonderful platform that provides a “one-stop-shop” for your school or school system. It allows education stakeholders, including teachers, student clubs, PTA/PTOs, booster clubs, or other support organizations, to easily post a fundraising project with just a few clicks of a mouse. The platform allows them to add a photo, state the goal of the fundraiser, include a catchy description of the project, and submit it to the school/school district for approval.

After approval, the proposal appears in the school system’s Needs Gallery, where donors can easily make their contributions with a few swipes of a smartphone. On a scale of one to ten, how convenient is that?

That’s not all! The Gallery has a progress chart where the school can track the fundraising goals. The Needs Gallery also comes with automated, customizable emails that you can send to donors to acknowledge and thank them for their contribution and encourage them to continue giving.

And how does this solve the accountability issues? For starters, the funds go from the donor straight to the school or school system. This means the money ends up buying the things approved by the school or district. Even better, LeanStream doesn’t charge a penny in transaction fees or commissions on donated funds, making it YOUR Needs Gallery allowing your school or system to keep all raised funds. Good luck finding a more convenient platform with better fees than 0%!

Why We All Love Crowdfunding

Asking power

Our crowdfunding platform is designed so that anyone can list a need, including but not limited to teachers and students. This means that as a school, you no longer have to rely on the financial department sending requests to a lengthy list of potential donors. Participants can easily reach out to their peers and personal networks to promote the school’s cause, thus increasing the chances of achieving their fundraising objectives.

Taps into the passion of participants

In most cases, school fundraisers are not massively funded by branded organizations. It takes a little creativity and drive from participants to look for donations. With our Needs Gallery, any participant can start a fundraiser and easily promote it so their friends, family, and social network can chip in, which can significantly increase donations without relying on a big-name donor.

At LeanStream, we have seen small school fundraisers raise large amounts of money by simply relying on fundraiser dollars and initiatives from their students, teachers, families, and the immediate community.

Philanthropic spirit for everyone

Everyone knows that major gift-giving is preserved for the wealthy and major institutions. But who says we can’t tap into the philanthropic spirit of our community when it comes to raising funds for our schools? The good thing about crowdfunding and the Needs Gallery, in particular, is that it’s available for everyone and anyone can use it.

Anyone interested in raising funds for their school, young or old, can initiate a proposal and raise a significant amount of dollars. We have been in this industry long enough and have seen student clubs exceed their goals with this fundraising model. Your school could be next!

Untold financial benefits

A successful school fundraiser can help you fill funding gaps as your school cuts costs. Everything is seamless. The amount of money you can raise depends on your school’s ability to plan and execute, as well as the software used to track these additional revenues. The Needs Gallery allows you to bolster the school’s crowdfunding potential.

This platform makes everything easier by enabling communication, registrations, and donations to be on a single site. This makes it easy to manage the fundraising campaign. It also allows communication with donors, sponsors, volunteers, etc. The fundraising campaign’s success ultimately depends on these factors, which is why LeanStream’s Needs Gallery seeks to provide you with the best possible platform to achieve those objectives. We aim to complement and support the individuals/groups behind the fundraising initiative. It can’t hurt to give it a try!

Final word

The above is not an exhaustive summary of how our Needs Gallery can help you increase fundraising dollars for your school. However, it indicates what can be achieved if everyone came together to support our schools.

At LeanStream, we are more than proud to be your partner in that endeavor. Feel free to contact us for inquiries and further information.