Lean Stream

The team needs new jerseys.
Who are you gonna call?

Athletics, boosters, and clubs are supported through your school or system’s LeanStream subscription. We’ve got lots of features to help raise money in a way that makes sense.

Your school’s one-stop fundraising and

fee collection platform for athletics, clubs & boosters.

FREE with your school or system’s LeanStream subscription.

Sell tickets, season passes, and ticket bundles for any event.

Get Automatic Recurring Donations to provide ongoing support for your program

Accept large donations and pledges without credit card fees.

Provide instant recognition for business sponsors and donors.

The LeanStream Advantage

No Extra Platform Processing Fees EVER on Donations *

Fees Capped on purchases **

Donation platformFees
Member hub1.3% + $0.20
Snap! Raise28-35% Per Event
CauseVox2 – 4.5%

*donations exclude e-commerce activities such as marketplace sales and payments.

Want LeanStream for

your PTA/PTOs

Leanstream is a subscription which can be Purchased by a school or school system.
Refer us to your school’s Principal or school system’s Superintendent and get the school/school system a special referral discount if they choose to sign up.

Insights Especially for Teachers and Coaches

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Insights Especially for Teachers and Coaches

In Part 2 of our Fun Run Guide, we’ll discuss how to make your school fundraiser a success!
Fundraisers are a fantastic way for teachers and coaches to raise money to supplement
Being an educational professional places you in the unique position of understanding