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If you are part of a school club or manage one, you may be familiar with the need to raise funds for different events and occasions that your school club organizes. Nothing beats a well-executed fundraiser, which can help raise cash using the least amount of investment to generate many cash donations.

Here’s a list of fundraising ideas for school clubs that can be effective in any school environment:

Art Exhibition or Auction

Art exhibitions and auctions are great ways to raise money for school clubs. Persuade talented students to create pieces specifically for a fundraising exhibit. Use the proceeds from the sale or auction of the paintings as funds for your school club.

Promote the art exhibition within your neighborhood and engage the parents of the participants, too. A lot of proud parents will gladly purchase or bid for their child’s artwork.

Pro Tip:

For additional profits, you can get student artists to create unique art pieces printed on mugs, t-shirts, baseball hats, etc.

School Dance

School dances are very popular among students! Arrange a school dance to raise funds for your school club. You can even come up with a fun theme like a fancy dress or costume party or liven things up a bit with a Sadie Hawkins dance.

Charge an entry fee that includes a complimentary welcome drink like a cup of punch from the punch bowl. You can also charge small fees for side events at the dance like photo booth sessions or face painting and sell items at a snack or drink kiosk.

If your school does not allow school dances, then you can substitute these events, which can be just as profitable for your raising funds for your school clubs:

  • Comedy nights
  • Band party or concert
  • School carnival

Obstacle Course Events

Obstacle courses are enjoyable challenges for kids, teenagers, and adults, which can help you raise a significant amount of money for your school club.

All you need here is a large course and some good obstacles for the fundraising event. Set up the registration fees, and you are good to go.

You can organize different heats involving teams or individual competitors. You can award trophies or restaurant vouchers as prizes.

Pro Tip:

Add some side challenges to your event and charge a fee per challenge.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are another great way to raise funds. You can arrange a scavenger hunt with fun themes like rare sights, school pride, and many more.

Get opinions and insights from your club members while arranging the event to make it even better. Charge an entry fee and choose some coupons or other prizes for the winners.

Photoshoot Session

If you have talented photographers as your teammates (or if you have a Photography club), this could be another way to raise funds for your school clubs. Offer photography services at a competitive rate for the students, families, and staff.

Charge a small portrait fee, offer editing and printing services to attract people to purchase inexpensive portraits, and raise funds for your club.

Sell Snacks or Donuts

Many schools and organizations sell sweets and snacks as a part of their fundraising campaigns. Do a bake sale and rally students and parents together to create baked goods for school club fundraising.

You can also pick up seasonal treats corresponding with the time of the year, and it works like a charm for raising funds for school clubs.

Minimal investment is required for this type of fundraiser. All you need are the snacks, so price items accordingly so you are assured a profitable fundraiser.


You can easily make use of your robust academic aptitude and raise money for your school clubs in no time by arranging regular tutoring classes for students at competitive rates.

Be it history, science, math, or your native language, anything you and your teammates are good at can be a great base to start your fundraising campaign with tutoring services.

Here the only investment required is just enough space to bring in the students, and you can host the classes right after your school. If Covid restrictions are in place in your area, you could offer virtual tutoring sessions as well.

Custom gear

T-shirt sales are a prevalent fundraiser idea for school cubs. Another exciting approach to raise funds for your school clubs is by selling custom gear.

Items that can be easily customized include:

  • Sweatshirts and hoodies
  • Frisbees
  • Baseball caps
  • Water bottles
  • Sunglasses
  • Sweatbands

You can also open an online store and start taking custom orders for your merchandise. For starters, keep the rates slightly lower and gradually scale up as you grow your expertise and popularity here.

Final Word

There are so many school club funding ideas that schools try every year. However, if you are looking to raise funds for school clubs anytime soon, you now have some ideas before you get started. What’s stopping you now? Get your gear ready and kickstart your school club fundraising campaign today.

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