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Innovative Fundraising Ideas: Teacher Honorarium

Innovative Approaches to Education Fundraising: The Honorarium

Looking for an innovative and easy way to raise money for your school?  Think about this digital twist on a tried and true fundraising idea – the Teacher Honorarium.

Fundraising programs are often built around making donations in honor of family, friends, a graduating class or other special people.  Park benches, university scholarships, buildings, stadiums, legacy brick sales, gifts in honor of a graduating class and the like have been around for a while and for good reason – they work.  Why?  They appeal to our sense of nostalgia, our pride, our desire to leave something behind and our need to express appreciation.  

Think back to the people who have had the most influence in your life … the ones who bring a smile to your face when they cross your mind … people who helped shape you.  I’ll bet that a number of those people are teachers.  They are for me.  So why not give your parents and students a chance to honor them with a gift to their schools?  A legacy gift that won’t spoil (hello, red apple) or break (hello, coffee mug).  I’m talking about a donation that will help provide educational resources for children.  What could be much more important than that? 

At LeanStream, we appreciate all that our teachers did for us (here’s to you Mrs. Moulton!).  So, when Madison City Schools asked us to develop a way to raise funds and honor teachers at the same time, we were thrilled … and LeanStream’s Teacher Honorarium feature was born.  Now, there is a way to honor our favorite teachers with an online gift and an expression of gratitude (in the form of a special message to the person in whose honor the donation is made) from the donor to that special teacher, coach or administrator.  It is all part of LeanStream’s fundraising platform and it all happens with a few clicks.  Want to see what it looks like?  Take a look at the Honor Your Teacher Program for Madison City Schools in Alabama.  The initiative enjoys continued success with high fundraising impact and no heavy bricks to lug! 

To existing clients, be sure and make a Teacher Honorarium initiative part of your fundraising repertoire.  You won’t regret it.  If you’re not already using LeanStream – no worries.  Just give us a click and let’s get going.