Lean Stream

Loyalty Campaign for School Fundraising

Looking for a year-after-year sustainable fundraising initiative that pays huge dividends? How about a Loyalty Campaign? 

Yes, a Loyalty Campaign – a concept with many names – sustainable giving, annual campaign, monthly giving and the like. Why should this be one of the backbones of your fundraising efforts?

We can think of a number of good reasons – it helps you identify the dependable donors that are the lifeblood of our communities, it gives you a constant place where folks can help give, it builds “brand loyalty” and last but certainly not least, it gives you a way to get those donor numbers up which is often important for matching programs, grant programs and the like. 

But it is not only about what it does for you – it also gives the donor options and options are everything. It provides a convenient way to “set it and forget it” and to break up a donation into smaller pieces. For most of us, giving a little more often can be more attractive than giving big, one-time gifts. This gives our communities that option. 

And, as with all the programs at LeanStream, donors can pay online with a credit or debit card.  Convenience is huge these days and every successful fundraising campaign should include a way to give online.

Think about the possibilities and what you could do with a loyalty campaign. Give it a brand, a catchy name and a purpose. It may be scholarships, technology initiatives, a building project, the arts or a helping students initiative. Give your loyalty campaign a worthy purpose and folks will connect.  

People want to give to something they are passionate about. They want their gifts to have meaning. And we all love to leave a little something behind for others. So, how about taking  a well-established giving tradition – the class gift – and amping it up? What if instead of funding that new marquee or stage curtain or whatever, the class gift was bigger and involved more than one class? What if it was even perpetual? A loyalty campaign checks all those boxes.

At LeanStream, we appreciate the need to have a variety of support tools at your beck and call. So, we included a feature that allows for sustained giving where donors can give every week or every month, automatically. Add that to the other innovative options that the LeanStream platform provides and you can build a fundraising program instead of a series of fundraising projects. From loyalty campaigns, teacher honorariums, system-wide, school and teacher level “Needs”, the ability to host traditional fundraisers (Boston butt sales, car washes, pancake breakfasts, anyone?) online to the innovative and exclusive WiFi on the  Go program, LeanStream will give you the fundraising tools you need, all under one online roof, and all integrated in a way that makes your life a whole lot easier! Want to know more? Just give us a click and let’s get going.