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Most profitable School Fundraisers

If you are overloaded with fundraising ideas but not sure which one would provide you with the most profits, you are in the right place!

Fundraisers are a fun, exciting, and plausible way to raise funds for schools, colleges, or other social causes. However, choosing the right fundraiser that will help you reach your fundraising goals is essential. Hence, here is a quick breakdown of the most profitable fundraisers of all time that can help you make hundreds and thousands with lesser time and effort. Let’s get started.

Speaker events

Celebrities in your country are booked for millions and billions for a speech, so they may be out of the question. However, you can also raise funds by targeting highly regarded local speakers, authors, and celebrities in your locality. They’d be cheaper, could still draw a crowd, and add value at the end of the day. Why spend so much on high-paying stars?

If you can spend on high-paying celebrities, that’s great. But if you can’t, local celebrities can do an amazing job volunteering for the cause and encouraging the locals to attend the event.

Typically, a good speaker with an impressive or emotional story is something you should hunt for, and you will find multiple people registering for your speaker fundraising event.

Scratch cards

With this, you can pair up with restaurants, bars, eateries, shops, retailers, and whatnot. You just need to get their offer as scratch cards and vouchers, in bulk, which you will then distribute to the fundraiser’s donors.

Also, in exchange for the vouchers from the concerned organization, you can either work for them or buy them in bulk at lesser prices and sell them later at a higher price. This is another great alternative to sell scratch cards for fundraisers.

Either way, this fundraiser idea has proven to raise money in a very short period of time. After all, who doesn’t like discounts at their favorite store? Just target the most popular stores, grab your vouchers, and get started!

Art exhibition

If you have some talented artists in your school or locality, they would surely appreciate a platform to showcase their artistic talent to the world!

You know the drill already. Just interact and persuade the artists to exhibit their best arts in your exhibition, thereby contributing to the fundraiser. If your cause is worthy enough, the artists might not even ask for any payments for the art exhibition. We’ve even laid out how your art donations can be tax-deductible—here.

However, if they do, you can still give them a portion of what you earned from the art exhibition fundraiser and use the rest for your cause. This fundraiser idea is an excellent way to raise funds since many people love art. If the entry fees are limited, rest assured, you will surely get a good crowd.


Just like an art exhibition, you can also find talented singers, dancers, and poets to host a concert for your fundraiser and raise funds for your cause. Needless to say, everybody loves music and dance!

Again, if you find a way to persuade artists, you can surely make a considerable amount of profit from the concert.

A great tip here is to note what is popular while arranging the concert. You may want to make sure the concert is of interest to many to attract people from your locality and every age group. Keep a mix of the new and the vintage vibes to match the style of everybody, and you are good to go.

Sporting events

You can either choose a single sport such as running, badminton, or cricket as the event or add a mix of everything. We certainly recommend the latter since it will easily help you attract more visitors and attendees to the event. This fundraiser idea is one of the most popular choices for small and big fundraisers in almost every city. There are so many options to choose from through Fun Runs, Walk/Run-a-thons, tournaments, etc.

These are very low investment, yet highly profitable fundraisers in comparison to the other options on this list. Sports and fitness are an everyday necessity, and most people overlook this due to their tight schedules. What better way to organize a fundraiser event than to leverage this and immerse the essence of sports and fitness into the minds of the localities?

Just add a mix of everything and host multiple competitions for the same. Give free vouchers or small handmade goodies (again, a low investment option) as the prizes, and you will gain a massive profit in no time!

Cookbook Fundraiser

Another very creative and excellent fundraiser option to raise the most funds is to create your own cookbooks and sell them. The only task here is to find a person who loves to cook and has a decent idea of how to do it. Take their help and create customized cookbooks.

Be sure to set the rates reasonably so that you cover your costs but aren’t pricing people out of being able to afford the cookbooks. Try partnering with a local print shop too. They might be willing to print the books at a reduced price for an ad or logo in the cookbook.

You might also want to consider offering customization to generate more money. This idea is not very common amongst every cookbook fundraiser. This way, your buyers can actually ask for a customized cookbook as per their favorite cuisine. You can sell it to them at even higher rates than the general ones.

Nonetheless, even though this fundraiser idea might take a bit more effort than usual, it is indeed worth a try, considering the profit ratio!

Wrapping up

Choosing the right fundraising campaign has a lot to do with your goals and investments. These highly profitable fundraising ideas have a relatively low investment rate and a massively higher ROI, which is precisely what you are aiming for. So, what are you waiting for? Choose the most profitable fundraiser today and kickstart your journey to raise funds for your cause!

If you need any help regarding your fundraising events, feel free to reach out to LeanStream for our personalized guidance. We also have an inclusive variety of fundraising solutions that have helped fundraisers achieve their funding goals quickly!