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what can a fundraising consultant do for you

For schools to function properly, they need a steady cash flow. With these rapidly changing times, being creative with your fundraising efforts is essential. Fundraising has been the perfect route for schools to meet their budget needs and ensure that their students will have the best possible infrastructure to succeed.

Could I benefit from a School Fundraising Consultant?

Fundraising is a necessary function for the success of many schools and programs; however, finding the best fundraiser to fit the needs and achieve the goals can be a nightmare. Engaging the services of a fundraising consultant may give you some peace of mind when it comes to deciding on a campaign and how to conduct it.


Charitable organizations have been using fundraising consultants for decades to come up with creative ways to generate much-needed funds, but there’s no reason why schools and school systems can’t incorporate their services into their fundraising processes. If the thought of launching a fundraising campaign is stressful for you, a fundraising consultant may be the answer. These professionals are adept at developing and executing fundraising campaigns.

You may hesitate to work with one because there are DIY tools and ideas available online. Despite the availability of resources, it may be difficult to implement them because you have other responsibilities that await you. Working with a consultant may help you generate ideas that translate into additional funds.

So, how can a fundraising consultant help you meet your fundraising goals? 

Offering a fresh perspective

Your campaign may need a new direction. Here is when fundraising consultants help you out; they offer a fresh perspective into your ideas. Their ideas are usually unique and creative because the consultants see them through the eyes of potential donors.

They will help you come up with new and unique ways to entice donors to support your campaign. You’ll be able to answer questions that donors throw at you when you have a better understanding of what they want. It may end up creating donor-stewardship relations for future events as well.

Researching Donors

Fundraising is raising money by requesting donations from individuals or businesses. Creating fundraising with no donors could be a shot in the dark. No other person has solid connections with donors other than a professional fundraising consultant.

Hiring a professional consultant is not constrained to bringing prospective donors but helping you gain detailed knowledge by analyzing data and creating profiles on them individually. This process is called a “feasibility study”. Consultants help you and your team conduct a feasibility study by examining the following factors:

  • Screening major donors
  • Conducting interviews with donors
  • Create long-term relationship with donors
  • Ways of interacting with your supporters

Map out your fundraising strategy

One of the crucial parts of this process that helps you run successful fundraising campaigns is the strategy. You may need help with creating a plan that works and interacts well with the school community. A consultant will help you create a strategy that aligns with your goals, budget, and resources.

Creating the plan isn’t the only thing you could benefit from consulting a professional. Implementing the plan is also a package deal if you’re struggling with where and how to start.

You may have the resources and plan in hand, but executing it well is a whole new arena. It may make sense to consult a professional as they know what works best and strategies to attract donors.

To ensure that you have successful fundraisers, you need a strategy that guides you in the right direction, and fundraising consultants will help you create one that takes your campaign to the next level.

Plan campaign

When you’re occupied with your other responsibilities and don’t have the time to handle a fundraising event, hiring a non-profit consultant will help you manage it. They will help with your fundraising from start to finish by creating and implementing the plan.

The experienced consultants have many connections that are beneficial to your cause. They will interact with the donors on your behalf, which helps you save money and time. In short, fundraising consultants will help you focus on the main goal while they take over and facilitate the process.

Conduct executive research

At some point, you may need to hire talented staff to enhance your school’s fundraising efforts. Fundraising consultants will guide you through the whole process by providing an expert perspective. This process includes:

  • On-boarding and training
  • Interview management
  • Search committee development

The consultant will select a team with strong leaders, who are well-trained, and motivated to guide you in the right direction. The consultant will sometimes train the team with a detailed work plan that pairs with the mission and vision of the organization. The critical part is getting you the best team that finds prospective donors and is also trained to maintain a good relationship.

Ever-lasting experience

A fundraising consultant will help create a strategy that works with the specific event you have and leave you with tools and plans that you and your team might use in your subsequent campaigns. The lessons and strategies implemented by the consultant will stay with you for future projects.

Although working with a professional consultant to reach your goals is the primary focus here, leaving you and your team with a plan and time-tested strategies that work effectively in future projects is also one of its merits. These experiences could be:

  • Strategies and techniques
  • Marketing strategies
  • Interaction and approaching donors


Hiring a professional fundraising consultant could prove to be a beneficial resource by introducing new ideas, guidance, resources, tools, and strategies. This collaboration could lead to a successful campaign that meets or exceed its goals.

You don’t have to look very far to find great resources.  LeanStream Resource Partners offers school fundraising consulting services for our clients.  We enjoy dreaming up and creating a vision and plan for your fundraisers.  Let us partner with you from start to finish to help make your fundraising dreams become a reality.

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