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How to make headlines with your school fundraisers

It is no secret that fundraisers are a fantastic way of raising revenue for schools. It is also an opportunity for students to get involved, learn about teamwork, and reconnect with alumni. As a bonus, fundraisers boost the school spirit in the process. Perhaps more importantly, the funds raised from such drives are a significant […]

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How Can I Maximize My Fundraising Efforts?

It’s difficult to convince people to donate to your cause, meanwhile fundraising is an essential way to help you deliver your mission as a school. Check out these ideas to help maximize your fundraising efforts.

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What Can A School Fundraising Consultant Do For You?

Fundraising is a necessary function for the success of many schools and programs; however, finding the best fundraiser to fit the needs and achieve the goals can be a nightmare. Engaging the services of a fundraising consultant may give you some peace of mind when it comes to deciding on a campaign and how to conduct it.

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